About God Stories

God Stories…

…show that anyone can be transformed, renewed, and
restored by Jesus’ power! People need to hear what God is doing
in the lives of others so that they have confidence that God
can work in their life, too!
Every Christ follower in your church has a testimony or story. Do
you have a simple process to collect those stories of what God has done
and is doing? Do you know how to easily make these visible on your
church website and beyond? God Storiesis a module that is included
in Kingdom Church Growth Prime . By using this module
you can ensure that the stories of what God is doing through the lives of
people touched by your ministry are told.
The God Story module includes an incredible website plug-in for
sharing stories from your ministry through your church’s website.
People take comfort in knowing they are not alone. People can struggle
daily trying to find the meaning of their lives. Sometimes they find
it hard to come to terms with the circumstances life has given them. We
encourage your church to use this resource to let your people talk about
what God has done in their lives.
Here are some great questions to pose to your people. If your people
answer one or more of these questions when they tell their God Stories,
God will use these testimonies to have a great impact on your website
visitors. People visiting your website are looking for these answers:

• How did you come to know God?
• What has given your life meaning?
• How have you experienced God walking with you through life?
• How have you found peace through a difficult period of life?
• Have you overcome not feeling you’d ever be good enough?
• How has God set you free?
• How have you found forgiveness?
• How did God meet a need in your life?
• What else has God done in your life?